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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 5PM  CBS  November 17, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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live look at cleveland. get ready for big changes near 70 tomorrow and a chance of snow for the weekend. call it a weather whiplash. we are used to that in northeast ohio. >> and meteorologist jeff tanchak has been warning us for days and joins us with the latest. >> jeff: weather whiplash is a good way to put it. 30-degree temperature drop from tomorrow afternoon. what we will see saturday afternoon. record highs and then the alert over the weekend, a heads up. i have been telling you about this. strong cold front saturday and looking like rain showers most of the day saturday and then as temperatures continue to drop saturday night and sunday we think lake-effect snow showers are developing. snowbelt area looking at your first accumulating snow of the season in spots. as all of this happens, wind
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not a little over that. that in and of itself can cause issues saturday night and then into the day on sunday. it will be very windy for the browns game as well. timing out the front for you. 7:00 tomorrow evening and it will be beautiful this time tomorrow for the playoff friday night football games. again, this front will pass through saturday morning. here is 7 a.m. on saturday with some showers. we will develop more rain saturday afternoon and b 5:00, snow showers. it will start to develop and the lake-effect behind that. the forecast details and latest information coming up in the half hour. denise. >> we will check out conditions out west. they are making snow in the sierra mountains. it is cold but not enough for skiers yet. looking at the video kind of makes you cold, doesn't?
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you can download the cleveland 19 weather app and get it customized for your neighborhood. an uber driver turned hero. he helped rescue a person overdose odd heroin. the driver noticed the passenger was unconscious in the back of the car and took him to the rocky river police station and police used narcan to resuscitate the man. he is okay and may be facing possible charges. uber is becoming as taxis. people are using it including teens. should kids under 18 be allowed to ride with complete strangers? tonight at 11:00 a carl monday undercover investigation exposes an uber safety oversight that could be putting your children at risk. first alert traffic on cleveland 19 news is sponsored by ford. >> denise: all right. let's take a live look at the roads out there.
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cloverleaf and 77. couple of hot spots in the last hour and everything is cleared and you shouldn't have any delays for your loved ones coming home. president-elect donald trump getting ready for his first meeting with a world leader since the election. a face to face with japan's prime minister. >> tiffani: mr. trump and his transition team continue to meet with potential cabinet members. kenneth craig has the very latest. >> reporter: the transition team at lawmakers and politicians working to fill the ranks of donald trump's new administration. former mayor rudy giuliani was there as was congressman jeb hencer lightning sitting on the house financial services committee. >> we were talking tax policy and trade and it was a wonderful conversation. >> reporter: published reports say mr. trump's son-in-law jared kushner is considered for a top white house role.
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who donald trump trusts. >> mr. trump's campaign manager says appointments will be announced before or right after thanksgiving which falls in line with previous transitions. >> mike pence visited capitol hill and took a selfie with house republicans. >> he end couraged anyone interested in serving in the cabinet to be submitting their names. >> mr. pence assured lawmakers the transition is going smoothly. >> very humbling to be back colleagues and considering moving the trump agenda forward. >> reporter: democrats on the hill are searching for their way way to work with the president-elect. >> infrastructure, innovation and inclusion. all three of which strengthen each other. >> democrats say it is mr. trump's responsibility to bring people together. >> kenneth craig, cbs news, new york. >> a thank you tour is in the works for after the thanksgiving holiday.
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students walked out of class today at the university of pennsylvania. a report out of oregon found many of the people angry over the outcome of the election and actually never cast a ballot last week. many were registered to vote and failed to take part in the election. the investigation continues into where exactly and when legionnaire's disease broke out in lorain county. one person died and 10 others got sick from bacteria. catherine bosley has the latest on the health scare. >> and it is enough to get the attention of anyone in lake county and particularly anyone who lives and works in this manufacturing area off lakeland where it stems from. we talked to the lake county health commissioner and he says there is indeed nothing to worry about at this point. >> not concerning that the public has a fear in things they may not understand. >> lake county health commissioner cannot stress
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connected to a cooling tower with precision products is over and could have been so much worse. >> it is a success story and new ground for us and it is a public health issue and occupational health issue. >> here is the deal. he explains people get legionnaire's all the time and so far there were 13 cases and two may be linked to the contaminated cooling tower. it is three other cases, one deadly involving cuyahoga county residents in lake county who got thei a and the other two at laboring plants. >> this needs to be looked into. >> it connected the dot deal calling for the information of the cooling towers and scary finding at the tower. >> it was too late to collect blood samples and so now what? >> continue to monitor. we are being pro-active as far as cooling towers in the area
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and we have had an outbreak. >> the big question, what next for consolidated precision products. we talked to osha and the investigation is in the beginnings and not sure if there will be citations. they are working on. it. >> asking questions, getting answers, catherine bosley cleveland 19. >> tiffani: the president of the police union is off the job serving a six day suspension. mark nolan at the alert desk with details. >> mark: steve loomis and would not comment directly on the confrontation with another officer at the union hall. loomis was issued the suspension november 11th for improper conduct. according to city records he got in an argument and shouted obscenities at another officer one who shares a child with one of his adult daughters. they said it is an off duty family matter.
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and granddaughter. the appropriate appeals have been filed. >> loomis is under investigation for wearing dress uniform to a donald trump rally in akron. loomis received suspensions in 2006 for confrontations with a community activist and arguing with an lieutenant off duty attending a browns game. asking questions, getting answers, mark nolan, cleveland 19 news. >> denis they are dismissing the charges in a domestic assault case involving his former girlfriend. a judge set another hearing next month when the case could be settled. manns was accused of hitting and threatening his former girlfriend. the browns take on pittsburgh this sunday in cleveland. wait until you hear what the steelers quarterback said. >> tiffani: ben roethlisberger says he has more wins in cleveland over any
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big game. >> tony: ben owns the brown 20-2 against the browns. 20-2 against the team he truly believed was going to draft him in 2004. ben said yesterday, i thought hi a great workout. i guess not. instead roethlisberger, the ohio native by the way has gone on to win two superbowls and end up in canton at the hall of fame. we have been searching for a quarterback ever the browns have gone through so many quarterbacks it leads to the staggering stat. he has won more games at our stadium than any other browns quarterback except anderson. anderson 10, ben 9. joe thomas today on what might have been and who he could have been blocking for if the browns hadn't blown the pick. >> i wasn't here when they made the mistake of not drafting him. it would have been great if we
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seems he end joys sticking it to the browns for not drafting him. i guess all can you say is what would have been and maybe talk about it. maybe butch davis liked his hurricanes and didn't want to pass up one. >> that is colin winslow. five picks later steelers grabbed ben. he crossed the state line and torturing the browns ever since. some day, not this some day that will change we hope. >> denise: we hope. it is nice joe thomas can laugh about it. the rest of us browns fans cannot. >> joe thomas is a phenomenal guy. he is thinking i would have two rings. a lot goes into it. so many guys we passed over the years. he was in our backyard and we didn't take him. >> tiffani: could have, would have, should have, what are you going to do now.
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live from cleveland's newscenter driven by don joseph toyota in kent. this is cleveland 19 news. >> tiffani: a real scare in a philadelphia neighborhood. a hot air balloon made a hard landing at a city rec center. the pilot called it a text book landing and crew held the basket to keep the 8'0" tall moon from dragging off the ground a second time. the federal aviation administration i there are tough questions for the cleveland metropolitan school district. a mom says a mom broke her ankle during the gym class. she never got a phone call and her son didn't receive help. my goodness, this poor little guy. >> reporter: it will be weeks before the little boy's ankle is healed. and the mother has questions for the school. her son told the teacher he was in pain and help didn't come until hours later.
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to school today 7-year-old is learning how to get the hang of using his crutches. >> it makes me feel very, very sad that i couldn't get to my son when it first happened to help him with all the pain he had to go through. >> his mother sierra jones says the second grader broke his ankle playing at the gym class wednesday morning. >> we were playing basketball. i fell and i cracked my ankle. >> he says he told the ti was hurt and she wrote him a hall pass to get an ice pack. >> i had to walk all the way to the office to get me an ice pack. >> jones had no idea her son was hurt until hours later until she picked him up from school. >> the kid was crying and hollering his leg was broke before i walked into the school and heard my baby screaming and hollering. >> jones rushed him to the hospital.
5:16 pm
heal. >> i didn't get a call from the teacher or principal or anybody. >> i reached out to the chief communication officer who was not aware of the injury and wasn't a record of an incident report. they are looking into it. >> all the pain he had to go through from 9:30 until 2:30 and made me feel bad. >> and i reached out to the district for a statement. we are still waiting for we will keep you updated. >> tiffani: thank you, shanice. >> awe a cleveland 19 news consumer alert. a national cheese recall. four seafood sincere worried about a salmonella contamination. parmesan and pick reno cheeses. >> no reports of anyone getting sick. can you return the cheese where you bought it for a complete
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car booster seats are getting safer. the insurance institute for highway safety and top 43 received the highest rating compared to a quarter got high marks. >> denise: black friday is a week from tomorrow. wallet you hub is out with the best deals. the web site surveyed thousands of sales at 35 different retailers and reports macy's will save you the most k- mart, kohl's and pennies made the discount list. there's now help available if you wonder how much to spend on your family, friends or co-workers. on-line retailer created a care calculator. it analyzed your relationship and social interactions and makes recommendations on a price range for a christmas gift.
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we will talk about the november heat that's on the way tomorrow. today we made it up to the 60s. 63 and 64 and official high. and widespread 70s and st. louis, missouri is at 82. it is 82 there. that's the air coming tomorrow. we will be in the 70s tomorrow. it is clear and high thin clouds to the west. check this out. future view yeah. mainly 50s. because of the south wind we don't really drop much in temperature along the lakeshore. inland you will drop more. 7 a.m. 54 cleveland and cooler i would there easing in the 40s and then tomorrow through the 50s during the morning through the 60s early afternoon. 4:00 temps. a lot of spots around 70.
5:19 pm
front. full sunshine tomorrow and clear tomorrow and there it is. not a ton of rain with the front itself. just some showers that we will see here with this system. let me tell you as this thing is passing through we are looking at strong winds developing as the colder air rushes in especially saturday afternoon wears on. saturday night and you see more rain still at 1 p.m. saturdayan will mix with some sleet. very windy at this time. and saturday night strong west to northwest winds. right now and some accumulating snow geauga, portage. trumbull and northwest pennsylvania. this is where we could look at.
5:20 pm
and snowplow it. outside of that talking minor accumulating snow. remember it is lake-effect. we have to see how things set up. we will monitor that situation saturday night and sunday. clear tonight. warm, 50 the low akron-canton. 46 will be your low and tomorrow 74 degrees. that's going to shatter a record high i think. as far as the day 7 a.m. at 51. noon 70 and 5:00 temp back down to 72. very warm tomorrow night and then saturday we crash through the 40s. showers and windy saturday night and sunday with lake-effect snow. low saturday night and 32. sunday's high only 33 with wind chills in the 20s if not
5:21 pm
it remains windy with a gradual clearing sky. only 37. tuesday 45 the high and then an alert wednesday rain showers windy and 56. thanksgiving we could have a few showers around. windy and 44. not the warmest of thanksgiving. >> like a cedar point ride. up and down, up and down. 30-degree temperature change. >> ride a bike or do shi more still ahead. at 5:00 a northeast ohio favorite announces a local
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potassium in your blood. tomorrow, i'm gonna step out with my favorite girl. ask your heart doctor about entresto?. and help make the gift of tomorrow possible. >> denise: time for your eye on entertainment. a new concert date and longtime cable favorite is calling it
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beauty and the beast and huge hit on-line. >> if you must leave here. >> do you wish to take your father's place. >> tiffani: releasing the trailer on the live action fairy tale and recorded 127 million views in 24 hours. the romantic fantasy film has emma watson and doesn't hit local theaters until next march. >> no redneck can -- >> denise: duck dynasty is approaching the last call. the robinson family says the show will end in april. >> a & e is dropping the series. a rep called it the biggest hit in the history of cable and ratings have steadily declined for months. ? all over the world ? ? join in ? ? on a love train ?
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the set. love train all the way to downtown cleveland. the o.j.'s announce a concert at playhouse square. they were in northeast ohio, 50 years ago. they never forgot their roots. tickets go on sale for a january 28th show. >> how could you not dance to them. >> it is a grit concert. >> so good after all those years. coming up on cleveland 19 news at 5:00. stopping those porch pes thieves. find out how to prevent them
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this is a big day for the cleveland fire department. they are getting much needed equipment. a couple of fire engines and more. the goal is to better serve all
5:30 pm
lacy crisp has the show and tell. >> reporter: the chief is not only excited how well they will fight fires with the new equipment, how much safer it will be for firefighters. >> a welcome edition to our fire decision. >> the cleveland fire department is adding on two fire engine and one platform. chief of fire angelo explains the ladder truck will shoot 1,000 gallons of water per minute. >> for the big fires in the of cleveland. >> reporter: this is a big investment in the fire department. more than $1.6 million worth of equipment made possible by the 2014 bond issue. it is a huge step forward for a department plagued by overworked and outdated equipment. >> we are bringing up our game as far as our trucks and pumpers to provide the services to the citizens. >> the chief adds new trucks have reflectors and l.e.d. lighting helping to keep firefighters safe on their way
5:31 pm
to check out their new equipment. >> for the last three days we brought out firefighters from station 30 and 23 and they have been practicing on the pumpers. >> that's not the only new equipment on the way. the department is planning to get two more pumper trucks in the next two months and aerial ladder. >> reporter: getting answers, lacy crisp cleveland 19 news. >> denise: thank you, lacy. dare i say it, it is warmer outside than airdi studios. it is gorgeous outside. you know this weekend we will need coats again. >> you know what, before that happens, tomorrow will be unbelievable. >> in fact, check this out. record highs. the record in cleveland tomorrow will be 71 look at my forecast. 75 during the afternoon. akron 70. my forecast is 72.
5:32 pm
forecast. mansfield i am forecasting 73. the old record 71. and we will see if we break it. >> the only spot that won't break it is youngstown and close and all across the area tomorrow. it is a warm night and told you about the record-breaking stuff on the way tomorrow and then strong winds and perhaps power outages over the weekend. that's how strong winds will be. rain front coming through. we are at 61 as the sun has set. >> south wind 16. akron-canton, 57 and dropping in the 40s. there you see it on the cleveland 19 first alert app and we will update you with our customized video push alert system. 58 at 7, 56 at 9:00.
5:33 pm
cleveland we will hold steady downtown mid-50s along the lakeshore. after that record-breaking day tomorrow over the weekend, the alerts. rain saturday during the day and then saturday night and sunday cold enough for lake-effect snow with the wind gusts up to 50 or better. first accumulations of the season especially in the snowbelt area. 75 is the and a look at the planner here. 52 at a.m. 62 at 11:00 and at least 70 at 2:00 in the afternoon. akron-canton your forecast high. there you go. 72. more on the weekend and headed into thanksgiving coming up in the half hour. walked up. grabbed it. came off. got back in the car and took off. >> tiffani: a common problem especially this time of year.
5:34 pm
delivered. the web site insurance says more than 20 million americans have packages stolen from their homes last year alone. concern is rising with black friday and cyber monday. >> denise: that's right. there are ways to protect yourself and make sure you get christmas packages. >> dan deroos is in the answer center with suggestions. >> dan: tips come from a home security camera system. we will get into that in a bit. keep in e- commerce is getting bigger and bigger every year and sets records for the number of packages delivered. you are will probably buy some. let's look at the tips going through the shopping season. make sure you get the tracking number. it is easy to delete that e-mail. the tracking number comes in handy especially if the package goes missing. >> do a signature request. that means it can't be left on the porch. somebody has to sign for it.
5:35 pm
hands. if you are checking out you can have a different mailing address than billing address. i always recommend that. have it sent to your place of business so you know somebody will actually get it in their hands and outdoor cameras. they are amazing now. you don't need that much equipment. very easy to install. i will show you one. this is an outdoor camera. it is wi-fi ready and connects to your house and point it at your front door and only talking $109. it goes straight to your cell phone. you can turn on your cell phone and look and see if a package is left and maybe get a neighbor to get it for you. you have to be safe. they will follow the mail truck. when you see a package they are inclined to follow them up and take the package. dan deroos in the answer center. back to you. >> tiffani: we will go to video. 5:35. people leaving downtown go home.
5:36 pm
br can you see the lights off in the distance west 117th i-90 east. warren to mckinley. shutdowns. we are told a bus struck somebody and someone died in this accident. if you take this route home i would avoid it all together. it is quite a mess and you can kind of see the headlights in the distance. it will get darker earlier. avoid i-90 east, west 117th. >> denise: more s cleveland 19 news at 5:00. a big surprise on stage for adele. a bat dive bombs the singer in the middle of the show. her reaction wil
5:37 pm
. cleveland clinic is here for you, anytime, anywhere.
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>> denise: president obama is making his 6th visit to germany. he is stressing a message of solidarity amid the concerns of tensions of president-elect donald trump. margaret brennan is traveli >> reporter: here in berlin donald trump and vladimir putin loom large over president obama's meetings. the rhetoric from the president-elect as well as his friendly outreach to russia has german chancellor angela merkel concerned. her foreign minister went to far to call trump a preacher of hate. mr. obama and chancellor merkel hope to extend european sanctions on the military
5:40 pm
mr. trump takes office. they will make the case trade ties should strengthen decide trump's plan to rewrite or cancel several free trade agreements. in an article the two wrote: we find ourselves at a crossroads and we will never return to a preglobalization economy. friday leaders of italy, spain, u.k. and france will all sit down with president obama. margaret brennan cbs news, berlin. >> tiffani: germany is a top tre states and key n.a.t.o. ally and home to thousands of american troops. >> mark: coming up at 6:00 our investigative team continues to get answers on the berea water problem. team coverage looking at hundreds of pages of complaints and talk to a mother afraid for her child's health. a pastor accused of crimes involving a child. does the punishment fit the crime. those stories and more.
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>> tiffani: a commuter rail train plows into a car. a man passing by records it on his cell phone. it splits the car in half. witnesses say the car drove around the crossing gates. amazingly no one police are looking for two people spotted running away after the crash. >> unbelievable. >> i can't believe no one was hurt. and facebook coming under fire and not to stop fake news on the web site. a new report says facebook users engaged in bogus news stories more often than news stories especially in the last three months of the presidential campaign. cherica duncan getting answers
5:45 pm
>> you might have seen this oral on your facebook feed in september. a headline blaring pope francis shocks world, courses donald trump for president. you may have even shared the article or clicked like or wow or made a comment. the problem is, the story was false. joining the ranks of other fake highly shared or liked articles. wikileaks confirms hillary sold weapons to isis or hillary is disqualified f federal office. buzz feed news says in the last three months of the presidential campaign, of the 20 top fake election articles on facebook all but three were anti-clinton or pro trump and facebook users engaged with them using a share, a like or comment more than 8.7 million times. but they engaged with the top 20 election-related stories from
5:46 pm
fewer than 7.4 million times. >> according to pew research, research,% of facebook users said they get their news from that site. at a tech conference last week mark zuckerberg dismissed the issue. >> i think the idea that in a fake news on facebook influencing the election is a crazy idea. >> reporter: a few days later in a post h has begun to look into ways the on-line community to flag hoaxes and fake news. experts say it is difficult to filter out fake news. facebook and google each announced new plans to prevent fake stories from spreading by restricting advertisements with web sites that spread fake content. >> reporter: cherica duncan, cbs news, new york. >> denise: read it, twitter,
5:47 pm
high number of users getting news from the web sites as well. >> tiffani: a new survey of 60 large employers don't offer paid leave to parents or disclose what they do offer. the report says most companies offering leave give less to dads and adoptive parents than birth moms. most generous plans were offered by tech and finance companies. research is in. data suggesting best time to call in sick to work is tuesday morning a but 6:38. the best excuse is a so-called stomach problem. monday and friday's are the worst time to call off. makes sense since it is obvious you are looking for a possibly longer weekend. >> denise: a creepy surprise for adele. the singer battled a bat on stage in mexico right in the middle of her show.
5:48 pm
people in the front row. at least she is laughing about it. at one point adele was dancing around on stage trying to get away from the bat. it eventually took off and the show went on for adele. she is a professional. an unusual way to relax in japan. check it out. wine lovers are bathing themselves in beaujolais. some call it a waste of good wine but it is actually pretty popular. it the tub. all you can drink wine bath costs $26 or equivalent of it. kids can take part with a tub filled with grape juice. >> all right. >> you can see a collection of suits that are just pajamas. pj's. >> jeff: i love them. >> tiffani: fruit of the loom created sweat suits. i love this idea.
5:49 pm
one called corporate cowboy costing about $50 each. >> i like that. >> sometimes you want to be in your pajamas around the house not and look like it. >> denise: every day i would like to be in my pajamas. >> tiffani: i don't think you can wear it to work. >> denise: if they made them for women. >> tiffani: jeff, are you wearing them. >> jeff: i am actually wearing them right now and then i go to bed and put on another pair tomorrow. it is great. i on. >> we've got 75 in the forecast tomorrow. yep. people will be golfing and wearing shorts maybe in the afternoon at least. here we go into saturday. it is going to be a different story. a temperature drop friday afternoon to what we will be experiencing saturday afternoon. when you see something like that in the forecast it will be
5:50 pm
we have the forecast in the 40s within rain showers. saturday night and changes to snow and very windy. 2. lake-effect, 33 and first accumulating snow in the higher terrain and inland and east of cleveland. most of us will at least see a little bit of snow over the weekend. but, kids, you will be going to school the snow will be over mainly a weekend thing. cold monday 37. now we are looking ahead to thanksgiving and the big travel stuff coming on here. tuesday increasing clouds. 45. we have an alert wednesday for showers. that's the next front. 56. it will be windy. on thanksgiving windy and cooler. only 44 for the high and a few showers around. doesn't look like a big rain
5:51 pm
ladies, over to you. >> tiffani: all right, jeff. thank you. coming up next on cleveland 19 news. relief for anyone tired of
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5:54 pm
>> denise: can you believe thanksgiving is a week from today? almost is a growing trend this holiday season, though. this is new. more people are dumping their family. instead, they are having what's called a friends-giving dinner. some have it the day before the holiday and call it a final celebration before they head home. for others, replaces the entire holiday to avoid parental nagging and providing questions. >> tiffani: it is always fun to fight over the mashed potatoes and dinner rolls. that's what makes thanksgiving. >> tiffani: an original hotline in sweden to call mans-planning men's planning. >> it is complaining. the "new york times" defines it when a man explains something to
5:55 pm
especially something she might know more about than the man. it is staffed by gender experts and feminists authors and no word on mans-plaining hotline. taking it to a whole new level. coming up at 6:00, remembering the greatest. mohamed ali. lebron james makes a huge contribution to future generation. we will know the boxing legend. news editorial. the new general manager at cleveland 19, my family and i are excited to be in northeast ohio. in our first month we have enjoyed the friendly people, amazing restaurants and all the great things to do. here at cleveland 19 you will be seeing me from time to time doing editorials just like this. here is where we are turning the floor over to you. as you know cleveland 19 is all about getting answers. in the news department that's
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sure, i will be taking positions on things that impact us all once in a while and i will be here to answer your questions. questions about northeast ohio and questions about how television news works and about specific stories that go on the air. >> erik, why do you spell your name with a k? >> my dad says he named me after a brand of cigar. it was a different era. >> e-mail me at >> it is aboutti have you decide the on the east side or west side. >> we have not decided. i will get you the answer. >> with the election people are not shy about giving their opinion on facebook, social media, this is your forum. want something answered and something changed? tell us about it. i will be on facebook, too. i look forward to hearing from you. i have to find one answer for myself, where is the bathroom around here? >> we encourage your response to
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cleveland 19 news sponsored by empire window company your local window, siding and door expert since 1960. live from cleveland's newscenter we're getting answers for you. cleveland 19 news starts now. >> we begin with breaking news at this hour. it happened on i-90 at east 117th street. we are taking a look at some of the pictures we have in. they have closed the highway. a woman apparently got out of her disabled vehicle. she was trying to cross the highway when she was apparently hit. this happened on west 117th. we have a crew there on the scene and we hope to bring you more pictures as this newscast
6:00 pm
>> right now the cleveland police union president and today we learned steve loomis was suspended from his duties. the suspension came down after an altercation with another police officer. >> it has ties to loomis personal lies. allison bruiner is getting answers. >> reporter: everything we learned come from city records and he is guilty on charges of improper conduct. right now he is facing a six-day suspension. however this is not the first time he has been in hot water. you may remember during the political season we reported the chief's office was investigating loomis because he was wearing a uniform to a rally for donald trump. this is still under investigation. the latest investigation is centered around a confrontation with another officer. the man shares a child with one of his daughters. loomis released a statement saying this is an off duty


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